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HUBING NOTES software allows the user to make annotations, create content, and share it with others in a simple and intuitive way. Enables collaboration sessions between different users, where in real time, participants can communicate and collaborate. It can be used in various contexts, including SCHOOLS and BUSINESSES

2. Installation

2.1 System requirements

The minimum and recommended hardware and software requirements to use HUBING NOTES are:

System Requirements MAC Windows
Free Disk Space 350 MB 350 MB
Memory 512 MB of RAM 512 MB of RAM
Operating System Mac OS X 10.6 or later Windows 7 or later
Processor 64-bit Intel 1 GHz or faster, x64-bit with SSE2 instruction set

2.2 Installation for MAC

To install HUBING NOTES on MAC devices, download the provided installation file. As it can be found in the Downloads folder, double-click the file; this will mount the instalation drive. By default, it will launch the installation window. Nevertheless, the file can be found under Devices , in the Finder.

To install the software, drag the HUBING NOTES icon into the application folder as represented in the figure.

After the app is dragged to Applications folder, you can run it normally — from the Finder, Launchpad, Spotlight or Dock. The first time you open the application, you will see a warning. This is standard from Apple and once you agree to open the file, the warning will not appear again.

2.3 Installation for Windows

Users of Internet Explorer 11 should confirm that the Smart Screen is on, as Windows recommends, before starting the download.

Run HUBINGNOTES.MSI to install HUBING NOTES and follow the instructions to complete the installation process. Run the installation with administrative privileges in order to guarantee that the proccess will run smoothly and it will not take more than a few minutes.

The first time you open the application, you will see a message. This is standard for most of the downloaded programs and once you follow the instructions and agree to open the file, the message will not appear again.

An option to generate a shortcut icon will appear at the end, please select the checkbox if you wish to create it.

3. Getting started

Start the application by double-clicking on the HUBING NOTES application icon. Our welcome screen will appear on the desktop, select Start to enter.

In order to guarantee an intuitive experience, HUBING NOTES main menu contains the prime features. Making it adaptable and answering the needs of both interactive displays and desktops, it is possible to move the main menu.

  • 1

    Main Menu

  • 2


  • 3

    Page Menu

  • All options related to the pages are gathered in its own menu, facilitating its access and usage.

    By default, the HUBING NOTES will start with the revealer semi-open. This allows the creation of annotations and the use of other tools over the current display, whether it is an application, a web browser, a video or simply the desktop.

    Apart from the main menu and the pages menu, HUBING NOTES also has an object menu. The object menu will only appear upon the selection of an object and it will allow for different transformations on the item in matter.

    3.2 Object Menu

    The object menu only appears upon the selection of an item, regardless of its type: Shape; Handwriting; Image; Text. Thus depending on the type of object different options will available:

  • Thickness – use the thickness option to alter the propriety of any created shape or handwriting object. Six different options are available

  • Colour line – use the colour option to alter the propriety of any created handwriting item. When applied to shapes, it will alter the border of the object. Twelve different options are available

  • Fill colour – use the fill colour option to alter the propriety of any created shape or text object. Twelve different options are available

  • Edit waypoints – the edition of waypoints will allow the modification of any created shape or handwriting object

  • Duplicate – this tool duplicates selected objects

  • Group – this tool groups selected objects. Able to group equal and different types together

  • Ungroup – ungroups selected objects

  • Keyboard – the text editor allows you to edit a text already inserted

  • Send to Front – moves the selected object to the front

  • Send to Back – moves the selected object to the back

  • Delete – delete selected objects

  • 4. Close HUBING NOTES

    To close the application select the Exit button on the main menu, a message will appear just to make sure that you really want to leave HUBING NOTES.

    5. Download HUBING NOTES

    Start to note and collaborate!

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